Assembling the VirusPlus

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Arrival at boat park
with rudder still attached
saves time in assembly. Untieing everything Taking the floats off is easy The arms are numbered so they fit exactly where intended.
Slip the trampolines onto the bow
arms before attaching the floats Fit the floats onto the arms. The innovative, VirusBoats patented clamp. Tie and tension the trampolines next.
New quick-fit/quick-release straps make fitting,
tensioning and removing the trampoline easier. Stepping the mast is easier if done before
the arms and trampolines are fitted
because you can get closer to the task. One or two shrouds on each side,
depending upon the mast supplied. Tension the forestay
Time to fit the engine Next get the sails out and the yard arm. Slide the yard into the main sail Make sure that you put a stopper knot
in the main halyard to prevent it 
accidentaly going to the top of the mast.
Make a figure of 8 knot in the end
of the main halyard then tie the
main halyard to the yard with a
clove hitch How to tie a bowline - a very useful sailing knot Hoist the main sail.
I prefer to attach it
to the boom first! Lift boom into place
and fit kicking strap.
Wrap the VELCRO clew of the main sail
around the boom and then fix the outhaul. Fit the caribina attached to the small
block on the main sheet to the boom. Fix the other end of the main
sheet to the aft cross beam. Attach the luff of the jib to the forestay.
Attach the jib to the forestay. Secure the tack of the jib to the bow cleat with a bowline. Hoist the jib Thread the jib sheet through the jib and tie a figure of 8 knot in it.  Then thread the other end through the eye on the gunwale and across the boat (aft of the mast), throught the other eye on the other gunwale and finally through the clew of the jib again and tie off with another figure of 8 knot.  This way you only have one jib sheet.  Note the neatly stowed main and jib halyards and the taught kicking strap.
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