The Virus Plus floats rigged 
together to make the KATARAM

VIRUSThe VIRUS PLUS rowing catamaran - the KATARAM

No wind, no fuel? Go rowing. Virus have re-invented "proper" rowing by cunningly devising a simple contraption that holds the two floats together to make a catamaran! Best of all it utilises a revolutionary sliding rigger mechanism so that you can bend and straighten your legs to get a longer and more effective stroke. This has two advantages over the traditional sliding seat system.
  • You sit still in one place so the boat does not pitch fore and aft anywhere near as much.
  • Your body mass is not sliding too and fro in the boat and this reduces drag caused by oscillation in hull speed.
Stable - total security
So you have a fast, nimble, safe, rewarding, little rowing catamaran that will turn a few heads, rest assured. You can find out more about the Kataram at the Virus Rowing Boats UK site. danger weir!
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