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VirusPlus 16

TRIMARAN SAILING DINGHY - (Discountinued and so only available second hand)

The ultimate family boat. Enjoy this exhilarating 16ft trimaran confident that it will forgive your mistakes. It is a lot of fun and yet it is safe and reassuring for your friends or family. Take it out to sea and explore those tantilising offshore islands that can only be reached by boat. Enjoy the scenery from the water instead of just looking at the water. video clip


The Virus Plus trimaran accelerates well whilst staying upright no matter which side the wind is coming from. Think that heeling over is half the fun of sailing? Wait till you're older and your aged arthritic knees are complaining about all the years you spent hanging over the side hooked in by your feet! Already have arthritic knees? Then this boat is for you. No kneecap popping, no burning thigh muscles nor aching stomach muscles. Just lie back on the trampoline and enjoy the sun and wind without the trauma.
Recline on trampoline!
Movie clip.



This an easy boat to sail. Enjoy the thrills without the spills. You won't get dunked every time you make a mistake. With its unique stabilising floats it is capable of supporting a substantial sail area whilst staying upright, which makes it both responsive and forgiving.


The self-bailer works well once you have a little speed up. To be fair, sailing is a wet sport and dry is a relative term. There is a bit of splashing from the dagger board. And when you sit on a trampoline you may be gently patted from underneath by waves. But you will not be going swimming involuntarily. If a whopping wave swamps the boat it will not sink. It has built-in buoyancy, front and back, and there is space between the hull and cockpit for additional buoyancy. And of course the monohull is supported by the unsinkable floats. In fact the boat is certified CE unsinkable in category "C", safe to sail 10 miles from a harbour. This is a safe boat.


The VirusPlus tacks well, unlike some trimarans and catamarans, which can be cumbersome to tack. The VirusPlus, however, is smooth and swift to turn >>>
It handles well and gybing too is a doddle with a little practise >>>
So stable you can eat on the move. Stella is hiding the tiller under her armpit here >>>


You have the option to change your vessel to a polynesian style proa sailing dinghy or a Newfoundland dory or indeed change your trimaran into something completely different!
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