Proa with outboard motor - CLICK to ZOOM


You can put an outboard motor on the proa or the trimaran. Indeed we recommend that it is sailed with a motor, especially when at sea. But for a quick get away you do not need to put the mast up in the first place. So the proa can be sailed, sculled or driven by a motor.

Going fishing?

Maximise your time fishing and minimise your time rigging! Plonk a small outboard on the proa. Bingo! You have an unrivalled stable environment for casting as the center of gravity is between the two hulls. And plenty of room for your sandwiches, your bate and your catch! Proa with outboard engine - 1.3MB movie clip


Indeed the Virus Plus is a multihull in more senses than you probably realised. It can be a sailing or a motorised dinghy. And it can be a trimaran or a proa. The ultimate family dinghy. Safe reliable, fast and fun, varied and exciting. The Virus Plus is both practical and reassuring at the same time.
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