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Family 20 knots! Bill's face Arrivée
Rosenbrise Shalom Trimaran Trimaran surfing
tri & proa Tri gp Yellow trimaran Red jib
Yellow trimaran on beach Yellow trimarans on beach Kerguel beach Carrying the Trimaran to launch it
PROA Denis Denis again movie clip
White Proa Coucou surf Proa Phil Proa sloop rigged
Proa Denis Proa gp Proa Top Proa fun
mermaids? south pacific family with their prized proa Proa getting underway in the S. Pacific sailing away from pacific island
proa sail-camping proa-tent-5.jpg - 2198 Bytes proa-tent-6.jpg - 3332 Bytes sailing away from pacific island
Bill natsurf Chalutier Doris (dory) Noël Louvet - the Virus Plus designer
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VIRUSPLUS MULTIHULL Trimarans Proa-sailing Proa-motorised Rowing Kataram Dory
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